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With their original song arrangements, the siblings are known for their EDM remixes of renown pop songs, with the highest being viewed 4 million times on YouTube.Being musicians aside, their originality and talent have caught the eyes of various online media. Their “craziness” has won millions of hearts of young fans. With 40 million channel views, 碰碰PongPong is one of the Top 100 YouTube Channels in Malaysia! 

With a weekly upload program, Pong Pong’s YouTube channel has been a talent showcase platform. Since 207, The siblings have shown multiple talents and skills, such as audio-visual

production, acting, dancing, singing, and songwriting. 

PongPong's YouTube channel has an average monthly Impression of 11,000,000 times, 780,000 Views, Watch-time 4,300,000 Minute and 514k Unique Viewers. 

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